An examination of white Liberals and their self-hatred.

In case you haven’t noticed the trend, more and more white Liberals in America are exhibiting self-loathing behaviors. They don’t hide it either. Quite the opposite; they’re very open about it.

Whether it’s on social media, at the workplace, in schools, or at rallies and protests, it’s “white privilege” this and “white supremacy” that.  Somehow, every white guy – especially the conservative white guy –  is a racist according to them.

Forget the fact that half a million white men lost their lives during the civil war to abolishing slavery. Or that amendments have been made to blacks in the form of Affirmative Action, Black History Month, and government funding of black historical colleges.

That’s not good enough for white Liberals — many of which still think that Trump is Hitler because left-wing propaganda says so. 

So they parade themselves as champions for social justice and race equally, as though we live in the 1950s. They also preach a lot about inclusively and tolerance, yet they don’t demonstrate that themselves. 

In their fantasy world, they strut around as the un-elected spokespeople for other races, who they appear to view as helpless little creatures that yearn for their cuddling.   

This bizarre trend of white social justice warriors is not exclusive to America.  Europe and Canada have their own fair share of misguided individuals who believe that systemic racism actually exists in 2020. Let’s not confuse Western nations with countries like Saudi Arabia.

Western nations have rigid laws against racism and discrimination. In fact, we live in a society where companies are required to meet racial quotas for hiring and promoting visible minorities.

Same with education. We have racial quotas for admitting and graduating visible minorities. So no, there is no systemic racism in a country like America.

Yet when challenging white Liberals to cite specific examples systemic racism, they are unable to do so. They’ll typically hurl insults or shout profanities, and call you a racist on top of that.

The irony, of course, is that it was not the Republicans, but the Democrats that founded the KKK, created an abortion industry to control the black population, custom-tailored a welfare system for blacks, incentivized single-motherhood, introduced Jim Crow laws, pushed back against school choice, and created a crime bill that disproportionally affected blacks.

But somehow, white Liberals think Republicans are racist?

Let’s examine why so many white Liberals think this way.

We all know that self-hatred is not something that we are born with; it is something that is instilled in us.

School systems in North America and Europe have largely operated under Liberal policies for many years. You can say that its primary focus is not so much to educate, but to rather indoctrinate.    

Young students are taught from an early age about white bigotry, white racism, white misogyny, white sexism, white xenophobia and white homophobia. While sins committed by other races are largely omitted, such as the Arab Muslim slave trade, which was even more brutal and spanned over a longer period than the American slave trade.  

Then there’s the corporate media, which is predominantly controlled by Liberals. Along with Hollywood figures and professional athletes, they too pollute the minds of millions of people through false narratives, misinformation, and lies.  

Their endless barrage of anti-white propaganda is one of the many reasons why Liberals feel the way the feel about their own race. Parts of their self-esteem have been destroyed, leaving them with more shame than pride, at least in terms of their race.

According to Psychology Today, “Possessing little self-regard can lead people to become depressed, to fall short of their potential, or to tolerate abusive relationships and situations.”

Perhaps this may help explain why so many white liberals are so angry, emotional, and incoherent. Because people with low self-esteem have low self-worth.

A recent New York Times article demonstrates just how bad things have become.

Amid the George Floyd protests and their calls to defund the police, “progressive neighbors have vowed to avoid calling law enforcement into their community,” because doing so “would add to the pain that black residents of Minneapolis were feeling and could put them in danger.”


In one example, you have Joseph Menkevich, who recently found a black man passed out in his apartment building’s elevator. Rather than having the confidence to dial 911, he called a community activist instead.

When no one returned his call, Menkevich finally decided to dial 911, but requested an ambulance only, not the police (because the narrative is that white cops are evil).

Then we have Mitchell Erickson, a man who said he regretted calling the police after getting robbed by two black teenagers at gunpoint. His reasoning? He felt like he “put those boys in danger of death by calling the cops.”

Now that’s just insane.

There is some level of hope with self-loathing people like Erickson, however. Their beliefs and perspectives could change some day, once they realize they’ve been duped by the establishment. Who knows? It’s possible that they’re simply going through a weird phase before reality hits them much harder. 

Let’s just hope that’s the case.