Hip Hop artist An0maly and battle rap legend Dizaster discuss Lebanon, Israel, 2020 election, and race to quantum computers.

August 10, 2020

Trump supporters in the hip hop community are a rarity. Even more rare is finding two of them discussing in-depth politics on a variety of different subjects.

Independent rapper and news analyst An0maly recently posted a video of his Instagram Live-Stream with battle rapper Dizaster on his YouTube page, where they shared their insights on current events.

Supporting Trump in hip hop is taboo. But that was not always the case. Prior to becoming US president, Trump was actually revered in rap music, with many rappers referencing the real estate mogul in a positive light.

An0maly has himself written and performed a song last year in which he declared his support for the president.

Dizaster, who also starred in the critically acclaimed independent film Bodied, is considered to be one of the best battle rappers of all time. Though he kept it relatively low-key, he was a known Trump supporter for years – not exactly a popular thing in the industry.

Watch the video below for some fascinating insights and perspectives from An0maly and Dizaster on the current affair of politics.

Video Timeline:

0:00 Lebanon Explosion

5:00 Hezbollah, ISIS, Terrorism

8:15 Democrats, Republicans, Communism

11:45 China, WHO, Coronavirus, Vaccines

15:20 Portland Riots

19:40 Trump, Obama, Biden

26:00 Government Control

26:50 Quantum computers