CNN mocked for building its own fence to protect its Headquarters.

CNN mocked online for its hypocrisy after building fence to protect their Headquarters in Atlanta.

It’s been three weeks since protestors attacked CNN headquarters in Atlanta, which apparently is how long it took CNN to realize that putting up a fence around its building might be a good idea to prevent future attacks.

It was a good call, actually. CNN has a large property – or territory – if you will, that was recently a target of illegal activity in the form of vandalism and trespassing. Given the current circumstances, securing it with an extra barrier makes sense.

But CNN’s actions are inconsistent with what they’ve been pushing for the past four years. And when news broke out that CNN fenced their building for security reasons, they were ridiculed on social media (even more so than usual) for their blatant hypocrisy.

That’s right, the same network that for years force-fed its viewers with irrational arguments that putting up a security fence or wall across the U.S. – Mexico border is cruel and racist, has put their own security fence.

So by CNN standards… Does that make them racist?

Let’s be honest, video footage of the May 29 incident reveals that the overwhelming majority of the “protesters” who attacked the CNN building were “people of color.” (I believe that is the proper term CNN routinely uses to avoid offending anyone.)

But don’t be fooled. CNN was never anti-wall or anti-fence. Never. Their pretend moral outrage at Trump is just part of their shtick.

You can rest assure that the people who run CNN don’t have their own fences and walls protecting them in their – I’m guessing all-white –  gated communities. Plus guards and high tech security systems to make them feel safer at night.

In fact, if we look back in time, we’ll notice that CNN never lambasted President Obama for speaking boldly about securing the border, or for deporting gang members and other criminals.

They reported on Obama’s “new immigration plans” several times. They just never called him a racist for planning to secure America’s territory.

CNN runs like a political organization. They are the mouthpiece and propaganda machine for the Democrats. Hence, their reporters and journalists act more like political activists.

Trump and the political establishment are not cut from the same cloth.  And that’s what bothers them about deeply; that the current president is not part of their boys and girls club.

To reiterate, there’s nothing wrong with CNN setting up a fence to protect its property. What’s wrong is their dishonesty. Ever since Trump ran for president, they’ve been using identity politics to create division in the country.

In an article published two weeks ago, CNN wrote about the “newly constructed White House fence” and how Trump, unlike the many spineless politicians, refused to utter the cult-like slogan “Black Lives Matter.”

What’s interesting is that CNN, although vocal about BLM, are too embarrassed to report on their own newly constructed fence.