White professor from Columbia University tells Hispanic Trump supporter to “drop dead” and calls him a “neo-nazi enabler.”

May 17, 2020

It all stated over an argument in early April on Facebook over a political satire cartoon by Michael de Adder that mocked President Donald Trump.  

21-year old student and US soldier Gabriel Montalvo gave his opinion on the post where he defended the president. His comments caught the attention of Columbia University professor Jeffrey Lax, who launched an offensive attack on Montalvo, Trump, and Trump supporters in general.

Lax, who is also the political science deputy chair at Columbia University, said Trump was “murdering his own people through lies,” and asked rhetorically, “How stupid or racist or evil do you have to be to defend POTUS at this point.”

Montalvo, who is a CUNY Queensborough Community College student and specialist in the New York Army National Guard, continued to defend the president, but the professor was unable to keep his emotions in check and told Montalvo, “Why don’t you just drop dead, you neo-nazi enabler.”

Lax showed zero interest in a engaging in civil debate with the student and did not wish to understand anything other than what he believed in – that Trump is a “racist” and “evil.”

“I’m too educated to think you are honest,” said the professor, before calling the conservative student a “neo-nazi murderer lover.”

Montalvo told the New York Post that he had never met Lax prior to their exchange on Facebook. And according to Campus reform, he was not able to file a formal complaint with the university until over a month later the incident, due to “various difficulties that the pandemic has placed” on him.

“Now that at least my school semester is coming to a close, I have more time in my schedule,” he said.

According to the Columbia University rules, faculty members must “show appropriate respect in an instructional setting for the rights of others to hold opinions differing from their own.”

Neither Jeffrey Lax nor Columbia University have publicly addressed the incident as of the time of this writing.

Montalvo posted screenshots of their exchange on twitter.