George Floyd protests attract virtue signalling white people.

What a clown show.

They are silent when thousands of blacks are murdered by fellow blacks in crime infested and run down Democrat communities.

They are indifferent when millions of unborn black babies get butchered in abortion procedures.

They are ignorant of the fact that decades-long Liberal policies that they support have created a system of welfare-dependency and a single motherhood problem among black Americans.

(Guy holding the sign is such a hero.)

But when the Black Lives Matter organization re-ignited after the death of George Floyd, the herd of white self-righteous hypocrites crawled out of their fenced houses and gated communities to partake in the protests, all for virtue signaling points.

Never mind the fact that there is no evidence that Derek Chauvin, the cop who killed Floyd, did so with racist motives. 

All that matters is that a mob of angry people told us the incident was racist, and that’s all we need to know.

Let’s also ignore the fact that whites, too, have been subjected to police brutality in no fewer numbers than blacks.

But it’s the black lives that matter, we are told, not the white ones.

Because, well… white privilege, bro.

(Someone give this white guy a trophy. He’s willing to do anything.)

What the heck is white privilege, anyway?

According to Google, white privilege is the “inherent advantages possessed by a white person on the basis of their race in a society characterized by racial inequality and injustice.”

Thanks Google.

But if whites have an “inherent advantage over the basis of their race,” then why are Asians the highest income earners in America? More specifically, Indian-Americans, whose skin tone is not exactly on the light side.

Does “racist” USA have difficulty differentiating Indian Americans from European Americans? How else can we explain the “racial inequality” part then?

Or maybe, the whole concept of white privilege is racist itself?

(Did Justin Trudeau or Ralph Northam inspired this guy?)

Brandon Tatum, co-founder of BLEXIT, puts it this way:

“We’re not oppressed. We oppress ourselves through cultural dynamics that we refuse to identify.”

He added that “the system will make you rich if you do the right thing,” and pointed out to Madam C.J. Walker, a 19th century black entrepreneur who become America’s first female self-made millionaire.

To white people, Tatum’s message was direct: Stop it with all that “B.S. virtue signaling.” Here are his points:

“You saying you have white privilege don’t make me feel any better about how racist you are,” he said. “The fact that you believe in white privilege shows me that you are cognitively dissonant from reality.”

Tatum’s point is that black people do not need white people’s pity. For white people to say they have white privilege is sort of like saying they are “better than black people” and that black people are dependent on whites to achieve anything in life.

“You are not operating with common sense,” Tatum said, ridiculing whites who are getting on their knees begging for forgiveness for crimes they have not done.

“What are you actually accomplishing?” he asked, highlighting the hypocrisy of the herd mentality who are protesting over something they know little about, just so they can post it on social media.

And he is right. Most of these people kneeling and protesting, including blacks and those of every other race, are indeed hypocrites. How many of them have expressed any outrage over black businesses being burned to the ground during the riots?

(Think these Democrats really give a damn about black people?)

(Yup. Mr. Blackface himself, Canada’s Prime Minister, had to take a knee.) 

And the same swampy politicians that have taken a knee in solitary with BLM are also the same swampy politicians that have remained silent on all the damage caused in black communities from all the looting and rioting during the George Floyd protests.