Head of UBC board of governors resigns after liking Dinesh D’Sousa Tweet.

Chair of the Board of Governors of University of British Columbia resigns after liking a Dinesh D’Souza tweet.

Be careful what you do on twitter. Far-left Liberals may hound you down and ruing your career.  

This was the case for an elected Chair of the UBC board of governors who recently resigned after the university’s Students Against Bigotry group complained about a tweet that he liked.

On June 14, 2020, Michael Korenberg hit the “like” button on a post by conservative political commentator, author, and film maker, Dinesh D’Sousa.

The post, which inadvertently ended Korenberg’s career, stated that, “The Democratic Party now has a paramilitary wing. Just like Mussolini. Just like Hitler.”

Now, before we continue, it is important to note how the CBC (think Canada’s version of CNN) reported this news.

CBC’s headline reads: “Head of UBC board of governors resigns after liking racist, far-right comments on Twitter.”

The fact that the CBC insinuated that Trump supporters like D’Sousa – an Indian immigrant – are racist, is truly disgusting. Though not surprising, given the fact they receive $1.2 Billion CAD ($880 Million USD) from Canada’s Liberal government.

But regardless. D’Sousa has warned us on many occasions before that left-wing organizations such as Antifa and BLM, while pretending to be fighting against fascism, are actually the fascists themselves.

Ironically, the knuckleheads at Students Against Bigotry ended up proving D’Sousa’s point.

The student organization took to twitter to file their illogical complaint. 

“Does MICHAEL KORENBERG support the white supremacist in the White House and his calls for violence?” they asked in one of a series of posts.

The Students Against Bigotry, like other far-left groups in Canada and in the U.S., believe they live in a fantasy world where Donald Trump is a racist dictator.

Comically enough, the group’s website claims that they “value the world-class diversity.” What a joke. 

The group also claims to “seek to promote the empowerment and free expression of those who are threatened.” But I guess this excludes Mr. Korenberg.

Their “Free Speech” campaign (which you are probably laughing about right now) consists of “working to address abuses of ‘free speech,’ which has come to be used by some as cover for hate speech and deliberate misinformation, trampling on the freedoms of others.”


So much irony in this story.

Here we have a group of young, whiny, overly-spoiled students, claiming to be “against bigotry” as their title suggests, yet in reality are bigots themselves.

Fitting the the modern-day profile of a Social Justice Warrior group, they disguise themselves in superhero costumes but act like villains. They are nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing, ready to attack anyone outside their herd mentality.

As D’Sousa revealed many times before, groups like the Students Against Bigotry are the real fascists.

But why are these fascist groups so successful in getting what they want?

Part of it is because very few are fighting back.

In Korenberg’s case, let’s be honest, the guy is a complete coward. Rather than standing up for himself and exercising his right to express his thoughts freely, he caved in to the hysteria and apologized like a sucker.

And for what? Liking a tweets that lefties are “offended” by? Again, who are the true fascists here?

In his long, cringy, and pathetic apology letter, this Michael Korenberg loser wrote, “While I do not support violence of any kind, I understand how my actions created questions about who I am and what I believe in.”


“To be clear,” he continued, “I support Black Lives Matter and I support the de-radicalization of our educational institutions and our country.”

So, Canada has radicalized educational institutions?

“But I accept that, in liking these social media posts, I damaged what I support and that I hurt people,” Korenberg stated, referring the whiney students. “I wholeheartedly apologize to them, particularly to the students, faculty and staff of UBC.”

Makes you wonder: What the heck did they threaten to do this guy?

The worse part of this sobbing letter, is the addition lie that Korenberg added: “Racism in our country is real.”

Racism in Canada is real?  OK, at this point, it’s safe to say this guy is a legitimate jackass.

But that’s what these activist mobs do. They twist and contort reality to the point where people like Korenberg become confused; they begin to doubt not only themselves, but the reality in which they live in.

And while Korenberg is just one of many victims who has fallen prey to vicious far-left “activists,” his own cowardice has given them a very easy – practically effortless – victory.

All they had to do is claim to be fighting in the name of justice, against bigotry or fascism, or whatever buzzword of the day.

That’s part of their ploy. It is an effective political tactic by which they operate.

But to quote the 40th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, “If Fascism Ever Comes to America, It Will Come in the Name of Liberalism.”

So true. Except that in this particular case, it came to Canada.

On a final note, isn’t interesting how Google’s search engine did not auto-complete the full sentence “Ronald Reagan quote on fascism”?  

Just saying.