Left-wing media still silent after brutal attack on father and daughter in NYC bodega

Days after reports of brutal attack on father and daughter in Manhattan, left-wing news outlets are still silent.  

It’s been several days now since local news reported on the vicious beating of a father and his 22-year daughter at a neighborhood convenience store, known by Spanish-speaking locals in Manhattan as a “bodega.”

The incident occurred earlier in the month when 41-year old Victor Martinez Medina ventured out with his wife and daughter to buy some groceries.

As they entered the store, an unidentified woman from the neighborhood spotted Medina’s daughter, and decided to bring her friends along with her to resolve a personal dispute.

What happened next was captured on surveillance footage, which shows an angry mob of about half a dozen people brutally assaulting the daughter and father inside the store (the mother was outside of the store during the attack, and later had her cell phone stolen by one of the attackers).

In the graphic video, the daughter is seen slapped, punched, kicked, and even hit in the head with beer bottles.

The father received even more serious injuries as he was punched in the face multiple times until he was knocked out, and then kicked repeatedly while unconscious.

He woke up later in a hospital with bruises and swelling on his face as well as several loose teeth.

The family, who immigrated from Mexico to America for a better life, has been traumatized by the beat down and are now living in fear.

While this story should have made headline news all over the media, major left-wing news outlets like CNN, New York Times, MSNBC, and the Washington Post, made sure to ignore the story as though it never happened.

The reason is clear: Stories that show mobs of black people assaulting others (and there’s plenty of such incidents) goes against their political narrative.

The stories they push mostly demonize white people, particularly conservatives, who they portray as the root of all evil in America. Whereas black Americans are the permanent, full-time victims of racism and violence.

By omitting stories such this NYC bodega attack, they simply reveal themselves as the political propaganda machines that they are.