Liz Wheeler: “Politicians Lied About the Lockdowns.”

With the mainstream media collectively pushing almost the exact same rehashed narrative as though they are reading from the same one-dimensional, uninquiring, and tedious script, it feels like a breath of fresh air to hear someone like Liz Wheeler, hostess of One America News Networks, give her counter-punch arguments.

In her eloquent ‘Tipping Point’ segment, Wheeler lays it out bluntly, without fear of what naysayers may have to say. Out goes your day-to-day media fear-mongering that we have become so accustomed to, and in comes some common sense, logic, and unheeded facts that the billion-dollar media corporations have made great efforts to bury.

A voice of reason is difficult to find nowadays. Tech giants like Google, Twitter, and Facebook have made it all too clear on what side of the political spectrum they are on. It is no longer a secret they surreptitiously (and sometimes openly) suppress content which they “disapprove” of.

Luckily, One America News Network has not been banned yet. So while we still can, let’s enjoy a  different tune for a moment.

Full transcript of Liz Wheeler’s segment “Politicians Lied About the Lockdowns”:

Let me get this straight: You can pack two hundred people into a Walmart during these lockdowns, but you’re not allowed to gather 12 people in a Church?

You can buy weed because dispensaries are labelled ‘essential businesses,’ but my sister’s dance studio has been shut down for two months and counting?

You let big-box retailers stay open for business, while 40 percent of small businesses across the country may shut down permanently because they can’t keep their heads above the water?

You forbid children from going to school, even though kids have very low risk of COVID-19. But you force nursing homes to take COVID-19 patients, even though the elderly infirm are at very high risk from the virus.

You banned driving church services, and give tickets to congregants who attend in their own cars in the parking lot, with their windows rolled up and the sermon on the radio. But you encourage curbside pickup at restaurants so we don’t blame the economic crash on you.

You lock us inside our homes with our families, even though transmission of the virus happens most inside among family members.

But you shut down beaches and parks even though transmission of the virus via casual contact happens rarely.

You lied to us about face masks and tell us they don’t work to manipulate our behaviour to save the PPE (personal protective equipment) for medical providers, and then weeks later you fine us $1,000 if we don’t wear a mask.

You say the economic devastation from the lockdowns is worth it if it saves even one life. But you ignore the lives that will be lost thanks to the lockdown.

From suicide, drug overdose, and despair. Abuse, starvation, economic devastation or medical treatments delayed and surgeries cancelled.

Politicians said the government-mandated lockdowns are of our own good. But that’s a lie.

Politicians claim they’re following the science. But that’s a lie, too.

They told us social distancing for 15 days to prevent the hospitals from crashing, and that turned into 30 days to lower the reproduction rate of the virus. And that worked into “no new normal” for maybe years until there’s a vaccine.

Enough! Science says most people don’t die from COVID-19.

The death rate for people between the ages 18 and 45 in New York, is 0.01 percent. That’s 11 per 100,000.

The death rate for kids in New York, is zero percent.

Science says kids are not a vector for transmission of this virus.

Science says the virus is transmitted among our families at home.

Science says sunlight kills the virus. And transmission of the virus outdoors happens 18 times less than inside.

Data shows people’s activities slowed. The reproduction rate of the virus slowed in Europe before the lockdowns were imposed – thanks to individual social distancing, not the government dictates.

Data shows there’s no correlation between the lockdowns and COVID-19 deaths in U.S. States that locked down early vs U.S. States that locked down late.

Lockdowns were never supposed to defeat COVID-19, but indefinite lockdowns will destroy our economy and our country as we know it.