People are losing their minds over COVID masks.

People are losing their minds over masks.

When it comes to the issue of government-imposed face coverings in public, you have three types of people: Those who favor it, those who oppose it, and those who are indifferent.

The first group takes the new mask mandates very seriously. They believe it is the right thing to do in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19. They generally view those who disagree as ignorant and irrational.

On the other hand, those who oppose wearing face masks see these mandates as tyrannical and unjustified. They believe that governments should not have the right to force anyone to wear a mask. They generally view people who disagree with them as likewise ignorant and irrational.

The third group of people do not care a whole lot. They just go with the flow and will wear a mask if asked to.

And while there are more liberals than conservatives who support the mask mandates, it should be noted that there are extremists on both sides, including people with no political affiliation.

Here are a few examples of such cases…

San Jose, California – A senior lady at a Yogurtland store pulled her mask down and purposely coughed three times on a 1-year-old boy, because she believed the boy’s mother was not following proper social distancing.

Gainesville, Georgia – A senior lady at a Walmart store harassed a mother and her young children for not wearing masks inside the store and wished death on the family by saying “I hope you all die.”

Fort Myers, Florida – A man at a Costco store who was being harassed by an elderly woman for not wearing a mask, was fired from his job after losing his cool by yelling at another man to leave him and his family alone.

Flint, Michigan – Three members of a family have been charged in the shooting death of a security guard who refused to allow their daughter access to a Family Dollar store because she was not wearing a mask.

Roebuck, Alabama – A woman at a Walmart store was body-slammed by an off-duty police officer after an argument escalated over her not wearing a face mask.

Argentine Township, Michigan – An elderly man wiped his nose on a Dollar Tree store clerk after she had told him to put on a face mask.

Windsor Township, Michigan – A man who was refused service at a Quality Dairy store for not wearing mask stabbed a 77-year-old customer who urged him to do so. The attacker was later shot and killed by a deputy after charging at the officer with a knife.

Boston, Massachusetts – A 59-year-old man was accused of pointing a gun at another man in a Walgreens parking lot because he did not wear a mask inside the store.

West Palm Beach, Florida – A man at a Walmart store pulled a gun out on another man after being asked to wear a mask while shopping.

Manhattan Beach, California – A woman, who was accompanied by a man, threw hot coffee into a man’s face because he was not wearing a mask, and then proceeded to play the victim after a fight ensued.

Hackensack, New Jersey –  A woman at a Staples store attacked a 54-year-old woman after being told to wear her mask properly. The assault victim, who recently had a liver transplant, sustained a broken leg during the attack.

Battle Creek, Michigan – A 47-year old man beat up his 57-year friend after being made fun of for wearing a thong underwear face mask.

Los Angeles, California – A security guard at Target store breaks his arm in fight with shoppers who refused to wear masks.

Detroit, Michigan – A man at a gas station loses his cool at a clerk who asked him to wear face mask. The man is now wanted for assault and battery after making threats and for pushing a glass screen that separated them.

Key Largo, Florida – A bus driver assaulted a rider with a metal pole for not covering his mouth with a mask while talking on the phone on his way out of the bus.

Phoenix Lake, California – A jogger allegedly shoved a 59-year old hiker who told him to wear a mask.

Manhattan, New York – A 62-year-old bus driver was punched in the face after refusing to let a rider on because he was not wearing a mask.

Manhattan, New York – Two customers at a Trader Joe’s grocery store assaulted store employees after before told to wear a mask.

Such incidents are not exclusive to the U.S. In Canada several incidents also took place.

In Niagara Falls, a 54-year-old clerk was punched and knocked down by a female customer after the customer was told she could not come enter the store without wearing a mask.

Also in the province of Ontario, near Haliburton, a 73-year-old man was shot and killed by police shortly after he allegedly assaulted a Minden grocery store employee over a mask dispute.

The point is, whether you are for or against wearing masks, be aware that there are some very unstable people out there. And while it’s important to be vigilant and ready to defend yourself, it is also important to try to deescalate any situation without resorting to violence.

Interesting Fact:

There are around 15 states in the U.S. that have anti-mask laws, most of which were introduced to fight against the KKK, who used face coverings to conceal their identities.