Racist noose found inside race car driver’s garage stall! Oh, never mind… it was just a garage door pull rope.

Wait… it was just a garage pull rope?

America. Land of the free, home of the brave. Those are the words that Francis Scott Key once wrote while composing the national anthem some two centuries ago.

Oddly enough, America is also the land where some people have it so good, they actually wish they were victims. 

When Outraged NASCAR officials announced on June 21 that they found a “noose” inside of race car driver Bubba Wallace’s garage stall, many people instantly fell for it without even questioning.

In particular, for people on the Left it was a unanimous verdict: A hate crime.

Yep. A black man – NASCAR’s only black driver who just so happens to be a vocal BLM supporter – was a victim of racism. Or so they claimed.

Of course, people on the right were a bit more skeptical. Memes started popping all over the Internet calling it fake or comparing it to the Jussie Smollett incident.

Too late, though. Not-so-smart people like Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey said she was “shocked and appalled” by the “vile act” against the lone black NASCAR driver.

Basketball star, LeBron James, aka Mr. “We Are Literally Hunted Everyday,” wrote:

“@BubbaWallace my brother! Know you don’t stand alone! I’m right here with you as well as every other athlete. I just want to continue to say how proud I am of you for continuing to take a stand for change here in America and sports!”

In addition, a bunch of white NASCAR drivers staged a “beautiful display of support” for Wallace by pushing his car and standing with in solidarity while the national anthem played.

On top of that, Wallace himself said that skeptics of the noose were “Simpleminded People Afraid of Change.” So it there you go.


Remember when a former NFL player vandalized his own restaurant by spray-painting the N word and swastikas and tried blaming it on white people, more specifically, “MAGA” people?

Or when a parishioner got arrested after setting his own black church on fire, just to blame it on Trump supporters?

And who could forget Jussie Smollett, as we just mentioned? The TV actor who early last year created an elaborate hate-crime hoax by claiming that two white men in MAGA hats attacked him outside of his apartment building after he decided to venture out at 2:00 am in the blistering cold… to grab a sandwich?

According to Smollett, the wanna-be victim of racism, not only did the two Trump supporters beat him up, but they also shouted “This is MAGA country” along with some racial and homophobic slurs.

Oh, they also poured bleach on him, he said. And tied a noose around his neck, which he then kept until the police arrived to see it.

Smollett was OK though, according to a police report. He suffered a tiny scratch on his face from fighting the two racist lions.

Turns out that the two guys who pretended to beat the actor, where actually his buddies. Smollett paid them money to stage the whole thing. And yes, they were black.

The above incidents, evidently enough, were not sufficient to cast the slightest doubt to NASCAR’s claims.

In no time, everyone on the left outraged, albeit the absurdly of the story. To an alarming number of Liberals, America is racist. Good luck convincing them otherwise.

Anyways, Fast track to a couple days after NASCAR’s noose announcement.

On June 23, the FBI concluded its investigation into Wallace’s noose-on-the-loose fiasco (yes, an actual investigation by the FBI), and determined the noose was not a hate crime. In fact, it wasn’t even a noose.


NASCAR’s statement read:

“The FBI has completed its investigation at Talladega Superspeedway and determined that Bubba Wallace was not the target of a hate crime. The FBI report concludes, and photographic evidence confirms, that the garage door pull rope fashioned like a noose had been positioned there since as early as last fall. This was obviously well before the 43 team’s arrival and garage assignment. We appreciate the FBI’s quick and thorough investigation and are thankful to learn that this was not an intentional, racist act against Bubba. We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all who love racing.”


Well, glad we got it all sorted out!