Rapper Cardi B’s awkward interview with Joe Biden

Rapper Cardi B interviews Joe Biden in a highly ‘disliked’ video.

On Monday, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden appeared in a Zoom video chat interview with rap mega star Carbi B, and it was just as cringy as you would expect it to be.

Things got awkward very early in the interview, when Biden cracked a poorly delivered joke about possibly being related to Carbi B, since the nickname his daughter gave him while growing up was “Joey B.”

The topic abruptly shifted to a discussion about children. Carbi B, who just released an ultra-sleazy music video of her song WAP, which despite its sexually explicit content has yet to be age-restricted by YouTube, mentioned to Biden how having a two-year old child makes it difficult to schedule plans.

“You’re telling me?” Biden interrupts, “I have four kids, five grandkids, come on! I’m an expert.”

Biden got his numbers wrong — he has seven grandkids, not five.

“I understand about kids, the most important thing in the world. They come first,” Biden added.  

The 77-year old former vice-president then asked Cardi B about what her main interest is in the election. The rapper replied, “I just want Trump out, you know what I’m saying?” before going into a tirade about how bad the president is.

Cardi B also expressed her wishes to see free Medicare, free college education, and justice for black people, right before doing her trademark bird chirp sound (around 3:57 of the YouTube video), which was followed by an awkward three-second silent pause (Joe had no idea what the hell was going on at that point).

“One of the things I admire about you,” Biden said to the former stripper who used to drug and rob men, “is you keep talking about what I call equity, decency, fairness, treating people with respect.”

Evidently, Biden was unaware of the rapper’s rant last year against a group of ten-year olds who made a comedy diss track about her.

“I’m not gonna let no f***ing white boys, motherf***ing come at me all mother***ing day long. Man, shut the f*** up!” was Cardi B’s response to the kids at the time.

Makes you wonder: Which of Biden’s staff members thought this interview would be a great idea?

On a more serious note, Biden brought up the death of George Floyd, and how he was “brutally murdered.” But made no mentions of five-year old, Cannon Hinnant, who was shot execution style in cold blood while riding is bike.

Biden made no mentions of that crime because the boy was white, and his murderer a black man. Nor did he mention the mother who was shot and killed by BLM supporters after a dispute over her saying “all lives matter.”

Joe was there to remind the multi-millionaire rap star how oppressed black people are in America, to which Cardi b responded, “Black people – we’re not asking for sympathy, we’re not asking for charity, we are just asking for equality, and we are asking for justice. That is all.”

With regards to the president, Biden echoed the same over-used buzzwords the mainstream media has been using to attack Trump for more than four years.

“Now with this president, he’s literally promoting hatred. Promoting prejudice. Promoting racism,” Biden said, adding that Trump is “making people hate each other because that’s how he wins – by dividing us.”

As part of Biden’s strategy to win the election, he is promising to give free college education for four years to all families earning less than $125K year.

The video ends in clumsy fashion with Biden promising to screw up as president if elected.

“I promise – I’ll make mistakes as president.  But I’ll admit to the mistakes I make, and you’re never going to gonna have to wonder whether I’ll keep my word.”

Like the mistakes he’s been making for decades as an incompetent career politician?

The video’s Like/Dislike ratio on the Elle channel as of the time of this writing is overwhelming negative: