The push for extreme and radical ideas explained.

The push for extreme and radical ideas explained.

It is by no coincidence that conservatives around the Western world are being forced-fed the most extreme and appalling ideas by lobbyist groups, politicians, and Hollywood elites.

There is a reason behind this tactic.  And yes, it has everything to do with manipulating and controlling your mind.

As human beings, we can be very easily programmed. The more we are exposed to indecencies, vulgarities, violence, and outright absurdities, the more we become desensitized. The more we become desensitized, the more we find repulsive things acceptable.

We’re also very susceptible to herd mentality. Many people follow each other like sheep, adopting similar behaviors as those people around them, while disregarding their own honest feelings.

This leads to people surrendering their moral standards. The things they deemed shocking in the past, are no longer shocking today. Their mindsets have been conditioned to accept all sorts of outlandish abnormalities.  

Just decades ago, the thought of two men marrying each other and raising children together was considered preposterous. Today, this new marriage concept has been widely accepted and embraced in the Western world by more than half of the population. Or so we are taught to believe.

We have reached a point where, if anyone today opposes gay marriage, they are labelled a bigot.

Just think back of the Christian baker who refused to decorate a wedding cake with a gay theme for a homosexual couple.  The baker’s life was nearly ruined because he refused to embrace their extreme idea.

Yet, many more radical ideas get shoved down our throats every day. Here’s a few random examples:

Up until recently, children at schools have been taught that there’s only two genders: Male and Female. Today, thanks to liberals with their “progressive” ideas, our schools are teaching children that there are dozens, if not an infinite number of genders.

The same people who are enjoying the benefits of a free-market enterprise are also hoping to replace it with an oppressive political system that has produced death and suffering to hundreds of millions of people worldwide.  

The Black Lives Matter organization, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy, is making all sorts of ludicrous demands, such as defunding the police, disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure, and reparations for all black people.

This group of spoiled brats, most of who’ve had very little life experience, are calling for total anarchy and an end to capitalism. Some of them did get the opportunity to experience their utopia-like society in Seattle with CHAZ, in the form of an actual hellhole.

Some LGBT members and politicians have proposed legalizing and normalizing pedophilia. As surreal as this may sound, some schools in the US have actually invited grown men (in some cases, convicted pedophiles) to read books to young school children while fully dressed as women in ridiculous costumes.

By pushing their most extreme and radical ideas, they are hoping to draw their opponents into the negotiation table, where a settlement could be reached for a slightly less extreme idea.

That is what some politicians are doing right now with the mandatory face masks.

As you’ve seen on the news, some officials are proposing the idea of wearing masks inside your very own home. 

They realize that no healthy and sane person would agree to this. But this may be their way of attempting to quell mask protesters, and hope they would at least settle for outdoor masks only — the lesser of two evils. 

It is both a psychological game and a clever negotiation tactic: Propose the most extreme idea, and settle for something in between, which is still extreme nonetheless, but a victory for the radicals.