President Donald Trump categorically rejects the idea of dropping military bases named after confederate leaders.

June 11, 2020

Amid reports that Pentagon leaders and the U.S. Army are “open to talks” about renaming 10 military installations that were named after Confederate leaders, President Trump fired a series of tweets saying his administration will “not even consider” such scenario.

Many members of the establishment, particularly politicians on the Left, have been recklessly caving in to  radical groups in America, some whose demands include defunding the police.  

The Left’s never-ending narrative that the U.S. is a systematically prejudiced nation whose police force specifically targets black people because of racism, has made a great deal of Americans angry, hate-filled and irrational.

From whites begging black people for forgiveness for crimes they themselves did not commit, to useless politicians pandering to blacks as though they actually give a damn, to “protesters” looting and destroying their very own communities, we are witnessing some unbelievably strange events unfold right before our eyes.   

We have now reached a point where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is demanding that various historical Confederate statues be removed from Capitol Hill.

According to Pelosi, these symbols “pay homage to hate, not heritage” and therefore “They must be removed.”

President Trump disagrees.

“These Monumental and very Powerful Bases have become part of a Great American Heritage,” Trump stated in a tweet.

“The United States of America trained and deployed our HEROES on these Hallowed Grounds, and won two World Wars,” he wrote, stressing that his administration “will not even consider the renaming of these Magnificent and Fabled Military Installations.”

Trump concluded by saying that “Our history as the Greatest Nation in the World will not be tampered with. Respect our Military!”

That’s a rather stark contrast to Pelosi’s belief that the statues are “Monuments to men who advocated cruelty and barbarism to achieve such a plainly racist end are a grotesque affront to these ideals.”

But unlike Pelosi, Trump remains an unashamedly proud American patriot who stands up for his beliefs regardless of the latest trends.

Even retired U.S. Army General and former CIA Director David Petraeus fell victim to the herd mentality and called for the names of Confederate statues to be removed.

The President, however, refuses to budge.

Unfazed by the screaming fanatics, Trump appears determined to not buckle to any radical groups determined to destroy America.