White people kneeling before blacks. Stockholm syndrome?

From left, Senators Tim Kaine, Chris Van Hollen, Martin Heinrich, and Michael Bennet kneel during a moment of silence with Senate Democrats to protest the deaths of George Floyd, and other victims of police brutality in the Capitol’s Emancipation Hall, June 4, 2020. 

White people kneeling before blacks. Showing solidarity or Stockholm Syndrome? 

We’ll get to that later. But first…

Mission accomplished. Congratulations mainstream media, you’ve finally convinced millions of white Americans of a certain political persuasion that their skin is their sin.

You may now pat yourselves on your backs. Job well done.

For several years, left-wing media along with celebrities have been empowering the radical Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, an organization whose members demonize white people, especially police officers, while simultaneously turning a blind eye on black-on-black violence in America, which kills thousands of young blacks each year.

The organization’s objective is both political and racial: “To eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes.”

They describe themselves as a “rallying cry for ALL Black lives striving for liberation,” but in reality they are pushers of general victimhood mentality.

BLM claims to campaign against violence and “systemic racism” towards black people and are keen on selling the lie that the United States of America is a full-blown racist nation.

But not everyone is buying it. Especially the millions of South Americans, Asians, Africans, and Middle Easterners, who are trying to flee their homelands in hopes of finding refuge, freedom, and prosperity in the land of opportunity.

The fact that Asians are the highest income earners in America should be a good indicator that the country is not racist.

The fact that America dedicates an entire month to celebrate Black History month while pouring millions of dollars into black historical colleges, with Affirmation Action policies to ensure that disadvantaged blacks can go to college, should also be a good indicator that America is not systematically racist.

Do we even need to mention all the black professors, politicians, artists, doctors, lawyers, business owners and corporate executives that thrive in America? Name one country that has more black millionaires than the U.S.?

But BLM would like for you to ignore these facts and focus on their narrative instead.

The organization is particularly notorious for perpetuating the belief that white cops are targeting blacks specifically because they are black. Even though statistically, over the past few years, more whites have been killed by cops than blacks.

And yes, police brutality against white does exist. You have YouTube as for evidence. 

BLM’s constant finger-pointing and endless barrage of racist buzzwords like “white privilege” and “white supremacy” has finally convinced millions of white Americans, that that’s what they are.

Granted, many of them are upper middle class – the type whose parents had enough wealth to send them to expensive Liberal colleges where they were further taught to hate themselves.

The result of all this? White people kneeling and asking for forgiveness.

Forgiveness for what? For being born white?

It is categorically irrational, even insane, to apologize for other people’s sins simply because you share the same skin color.

And while you can argue that they are merely “showing solidarity” with BLM, they are also showing signs of a cult-like behavior. A mob mentality that merits further observation.

Stockholm Syndrome?

Defined as a psychological response that occurs when victims of abuse feel a bond or connection with their abuser.

In this case, BLM is the abuser – a bully that constantly harasses whites, calls them bigots, racists, evil, etc., to the point where many whites have finally broken down psychologically, and have formed an emotional bond and empathy with their abuser.

BLM got what exactly what they wanted: Power, control, submission. But they are not done yet. Their journey will continue as long as the media, politicians, and celebrities empower them.

Just days ago in St. Louis, a black police officer was shot and killed outside by looters during the George Floyd protests.

77-year-old retired captain David Dorn laid on his back dying in cold blood, while “protesters” looked by without calling for help. Some pulled their smartphones out and recorded the man dying right before their eyes. 

Did BLM protest his killing? Did his life even matter to them?

David Dorn was a cop. So we all know the honest answer to this one.